Western Undergraduate

Psychology Journal

Founded in 2012, the Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal (WUPJ) is a student-run journal featuring quality manuscripts written by undergraduates at Canadian universities. We welcome theoretical papers, literature reviews, theses, independent study projects, and articles written by undergraduate students enrolled at any university.

Submissions for Volume VIII are open until February 1st, 2020.

Have your hard work recognized.

We give you the opportunity to showcase papers you are proud of, but may not have an opportunity to publish elsewhere (i.e., assignments written for class).

Get helpful feedback.

The editors assigned to review your manuscript(s) will provide tips for improving your writing, APA formatting, and more, which can translate to other papers you write.

Get published.

A publication looks great on your CV or application to graduate school. If you are planning on doing research in the future, see what it’s like to prepare a manuscript for publishing.