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Submitting Manuscripts

1) How many manuscripts can I submit?

You may submit multiple manuscripts for consideration, but please submit only one at a time. Once you have received a final decision regarding one manuscript, you may submit another.

2) Can I submit a manuscript written by multiple authors?

Yes, but please obtain permission from all authors before submitting the manuscript. If one of the authors has previously submitted another manuscript, wait until that manuscript has been reviewed before submitting (see Question #1).

3) Do I have to be a student currently enrolled at Western University in order to submit my manuscript?

No! You may be enrolled at any school, including foreign universities. However, we ask that all submissions be written in English only.

You may submit a manuscript that you wrote an undergraduate student, as long as you have graduated within the past year.

4) What if my manuscript has been published elsewhere (e.g., in another journal, or as a talk/poster presentation at a conference)?

The WUPJ welcomes manuscripts that have been or will be presented at undergraduate conferences in either talk or poster format.

If your manuscript has been published in another journal, please refer to that journal’s policies on multiple/duplicate publishing before submitting to the WUPJ.

5) What can I submit?

You may submit any article you have written pertaining to the study of the brain, mind, and behaviour. You may submit articles written for other disciplines, such as Biology, Sociology, Thanatology, et cetera. If you are unsure whether your article is suitable for the journal, please e-mail the Editor-in-Chief (wupj@uwo.ca).

You may submit papers you have written for an undergraduate course, or for personal interest. These can be reviews, theoretical papers, theses, etc. If you are submitting a paper you have written for a course, you must have achieved a grade of 80% or higher on the paper.

6) When is the deadline for submitting manuscripts?

The deadline for submission is February 1, 2019.

7) What about papers written after the deadline, during the Spring or Summer semesters?

You may submit those papers the following year, to be included in the next volume of the journal. To submit to the journal, you must be a current undergraduate student or have graduated within the last year.

8) Will the editors assigned to my paper know I wrote it?

The WUPJ uses a masked review process, meaning that editors will not know the name(s) of author(s) while reviewing a paper. Only after a review has been approved by the Editor-in-Chief will the editors assigned to the manuscript receive the name and contact information of the author(s).

9) Is ethical approval required?

Official ethical approval is required for all research projects involving the collection of data from human or animal subjects. Research projects that did not receive official approval are considered “for educational purposes only” and thus cannot be published in the WUPJ. These studies are often conducted for second or third year research courses, and are approved by the instructor of the course. If you are unsure whether official approval was granted, please check with your instructor before submitting.

Literature reviews or meta analyses that involve reviewing or analyzing published data do not require official approval.


1) What style should my paper be formatted in?
Please submit manuscripts in APA style (6th edition).

2) What type of file should I send?

Please format your manuscript as a .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) file.

3) Do I have to submit my manuscript with an abstract?

Manuscripts do not have to include an abstract when first submitted. Once your paper is accepted, you will need to write an abstract.


1) If my manuscript was published in the WUPJ, can I publish the same manuscript in another journal?

You must list the WUPJ as the source of first publication when submitting your manuscript to another journal. Refer to the other journal’s policies on multiple/duplicate publications for additional guidelines.

2) How long will the publishing process take?

The length of the review process varies due to numerous factors, such as the number of submissions we receive. You will be given approximately two weeks to revise your manuscript after receiving a review. The journal is expected to be published online by the beginning of April.

3) How will the journal be published?

The journal will be available online. Print copies of the journal will also be made available to authors and staff of the journal.