Review Process

The WUPJ publishes a limited number of manuscripts each year, meaning that submissions are not guaranteed to be published. For inclusion in the volume, a manuscript must successfully pass through the three phases of the review process:

  1. Phase One: Graduate Review
    A graduate student editor will review your paper to determine its suitability for publishing, with special attention given to major issues with content.
  2. Phase Two: Undergraduate Student Review
    A pair of undergraduate student editors will review the manuscript closely to ensure
  3. Phase Three: Proofreading
    A pair of undergraduate student editors will work closely with you to identify and fix any remaining grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors.

At each stage, your manuscript will receive one of three verdicts from your reviewers:

  • “Pass”: This verdict means that your paper will pass directly onto the next phase of review, as the few revisions required can be completed of at a later date.
  • “Pass with revisions”: This verdict means that your paper is suitable, but requires some revision before it is ready to progress onto the next phase. Your editor(s) will specify their recommendations in the review, and you will be given 2-3 weeks to revise your paper.
  • “Reject”: This verdict means that your paper has been found by our editors to require substantial revision, and/or is not suitable for publishing in the WUPJ.