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Submission Form

Please submit your manuscript in .doc or .docx format to with the following information.

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Permission form WUPJ-Submission-Form

If you prefer to submit your permission form at a later time or to have your professor provide electronic permission via email, note that permission must be provided before publication.

Please indicate in your email that you and any coauthors agree with the terms for submission:

  • The article is an original work created by you and does not violate any copyright agreement;
  • All material referenced by you and not created by you is attributed to the appropriate authors;
  • The manuscript has been read and approved by all named authors, and there are no other persons who satisfy the
  • criteria for authorship but are not listed;
  • If the paper has been written for an undergraduate course, the instructor of that course has given permission for you submit the manuscript for potential inclusion in the Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal;
  • All data presented in the manuscript is correct or sufficient to support the conclusions reached, and/or the experiment design or methodology is adequate;
  • All data has been collected and protected according to the proper ethical guidelines, as defined by your university; and
  • You give permission for our Editor-in-Chief to enter your submission into anti-plagiarism software to verify the originality of the work